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Your Second Visit

After we study your health history and correlate our examination findings, we’ll make recommendations designed to help you get and keep your health and answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Terri Lechner adjusting patient

Our patients usually receive their first adjustment on the second visit.

If you decide to begin your care plan as outlined by your doctor, you will also receive your first chiropractic adjustment. Expect your second visit to take about 30 minutes.

This two-visit approach accomplishes several things:

  • Reduces the length of your first visit
  • Gives us time to correlate our findings
  • Avoids overloading you with too much information

In certain situations, and in the professional judgment of the doctor, we sometimes make exceptions. It just depends on your unique situation.

If pain is what brought you into our office, we first seek to alleviate your pain and improve your spinal alignment. Next we implement a strengthening program specifically designed to improve strength and flexibility of the spine. Finally we will work with you to maintain a healthy spine through exercise, improving postural habits and other lifestyle changes.

Regular Visits

Chiropractor providing therapy

If necessary you will receive passive type therapies in our Physical Therapy department.

When you enter our Asheville chiropractic office we ask you to sign in at the front desk. At that time you will be given your patient chart and instructed to go to a certain numbered room. The doctor will then provide your adjustment for that visit and if necessary send you back to our physical therapy department where you will receive passive type therapies, which consist of a intersegmental traction table (which our patients lovingly refer to as a “massage table”), interferential therapy and heat or ice.

If you are at the point in your care where you are performing strengthening exercises these will be performed in our physical therapy room as well. At the end our your visit you will end up where you started, at the front desk, where you can schedule your next appointment and pay for any services you are responsible for on that visit.

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