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Auto Accident Injury and Whiplash Chiropractor

Many times, injuries from a “minor” wreck aren’t apparent immediately. If an insurance company can get you to sign off quickly, you may be left with injuries in the future and no way to pay for it.

Auto accident

A visit to the chiropractor is essential following an auto accident.

Think about this “minor” injury scenario: a 300 pound defensive end with a good running start at 5-8 mph knocks you on your butt when you least expect it. Imagine the jarring slam of that hit and the pain and soreness you can expect the next day. Let’s compare that to the “minor, low impact” auto accident. Imagine a car weighing 4500 pounds rear ending you, this “minor” accident when put in perspective isn’t so minor anymore. While your body is pretty tough and many parts of it can handle a lot of abuse, your neck is particularly vulnerable to injuries such as these types of impact.

Effects Caused by an Auto Accident

Keep in mind, you may not notice the injury at first, but it can cause headaches, neck or shoulder pain, lower back pain, ringing in the ears, vertigo and a host of other symptoms. The truth is, any rapid head movement can cause a whiplash injury. Research shows that even low impact accidents at speeds as low as 15 mph can cause bodily injury. If left untreated, these injuries could lead to future problems like headaches, tingling and numbness, muscle weakness and even disc problems.

Most auto injuries result in soft tissue damage commonly referred to as whiplash. Often, these injuries don’t show up for days or even weeks after the accident. This is because your body releases chemicals called endorphins and enkephalons at the time of injury. These chemicals are the body’s “natural” pain killers that are very similar to, and even stronger than, morphine. The release of these natural pain killers will mask the symptoms of pain until they are flushed from the body. Once they leave the body, you will begin to feel the pain.

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If not, please click here. Remember, if the auto accident is not your fault, there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for your care at our office. Our billing department will help you complete the paperwork necessary to be sent to the “at fault” insurance company. All you need to do is bring the insurance information or exchange report you received from the police officer at the time of the accident and we’ll take care of the rest.

Auto Accident Treatment

Dr. Terri is your “Asheville whiplash chiropractor”. If you have been in an auto accident, stop by our office in West Asheville for a complete and thorough exam, this usually includes x-rays. This allows us to identify the exact extent of your injuries and design a treatment plan that is unique to your condition. This is usually followed by a series of gentle spinal adjustments, physical therapy and exercises. Treatment times vary greatly and are adjusted according to your individual progress.

Visiting your chiropractor is essential following an auto accident!

Don’t be fooled into thinking, “I went to the emergency room and they said I was okay. They even took x-rays and said I would be fine.” We often hear this from our patients and then a couple of weeks post-accident they show up in the office because of pain. The problem lies in the way emergency room doctors are trained. They are trained to focus on emergency, life-threatening conditions. Most Md’s are not trained to deal with this type of musculoskeletal problem nor is the hospital emergency room equipped for this type of treatment. That is why a visit to the chiropractor is essential following an auto accident.

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