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Asheville Pain and Wellness Center Reviews

  • I had a great first visit. Everyone was welcoming and the atmosphere is so comfortable. I loved the comprehensive approach and walked away feeling good physically as well as with my choice to visit Asheville Pain and Wellness Center.
    - Christine B.
  • Dr. Terri Lechner has a very comfortable and strong touch. I felt I was in good hands. It means more coming from me because I’ve recently moved away from a beloved chiropractor!
    - Jennifer R.
  • Wonderful and relaxing atmosphere filled with professional yet compassionate employees.
    -Christian F.
  • My first impression of Dr. Terri and her staff (during my first visit) were excellent. I will continue to use Dr. Terri for my chiropractic care. And will not hesitate to recommend her to my family members and friends.
    - Vic B.
  • It was truly a great experience all around. 10/10 definitely recommend.
    - Brittanie J.
  • My neck had been racked with severe unrelenting pain and after the first visit all but a small residual amount of pain remained.
    - Rhonda R.
  • I crawled in and I walked out. It’s like magic! Thank you!
    - Kelley P.
  • First visit was helpful, on time, and I set an appointment to return.
    - Bill J.
  • I spent two years after moving to the Asheville area looking for a chiropractor. I tried four different chiropractors before finding Dr. Terri. Now my search has ended, Dr. Terri has taken care of all my spine, neck, foot, knee, and arm needs. She’s very easy to work with, I let her know every symptom and she evaluates and fixes each one of them. Including providing strength and balance building exercises. If you are looking for a great chiropractor in the area or are unhappy with your current one, I recommend you give Dr. Terri Lechner a try, I know you will not be disappointed.
    - Tom W
  • I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Lechner! she is absolutely wonderful.
    - Suzi B.
  • I’ve had 4 other chiropractors in various places we’ve lived over the last 15+ years, but Dr Terri has in just two adjustments returned flexibility to my spine that I had lost during those years. My husband and I love having her be our chiropractor!
    - Elizabeth H.
  • Terri and her staff are just awesome! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
    - Melissa F.
  • I could feel a difference in my neck after my first visit. I am very pleased with the referral to this practice.
    -Keith D.
  • Great staff. Very pleasant and welcoming.
    - Terry N.
  • Walked out of office feeling much better. It’s a pleasure to go to appointments.
    - Steve G.
  • I’m relieved to have found your practice. I am confident you can help my discomfort.
    - Kelly G.
  • I was so pleased with Dr.Terri & Kat today they were so helpful. I went in with severe pain & my lower back basically locked up, slumping over & could not stand straight, after Dr Terry did some adjustments & worked on me, I was able to stand up straight for the first time in 6 days, wonderful team, looking forward to my next visit!
    - Delayne K.
  • Thank you for helping me with all the pain I was suffering through even after only one visit. Staff was very friendly and helpful and Dr. Terri Lechner is wonderful.
    - Ardell A.
  • Employers are very nice and helpful, which is rare these days! I appreciated all the kindness.
    - Becca S.
  • Great experience and would highly recommend you to everyone . Thank you so much.
    - Tim M.
  • Becky, Kat, and Dr. Terri are some of THE nicest folks I’ve ever encountered in the healthcare field. A lovely balance of warm & friendly, professional & helpful. My neck feels a million times better… which is only unfortunate because it means seeing less of this awesome team!
    - Kate T.
  • Very nice experience, the team was really helpful with my insurance.
    - Allison S.
  • I was very very impressed that the receptionist moved things around to get me in on the day that I called after she found out I was in an accident. Just keep doing what you’re doing because you all have a great practice.
    - Vj W.
  • The office had a very warm friendly feeling that helped put me at ease.
    - Mike B.
  • This was my first experience with a chiropractor. I really appreciated how nice and knowledgeable everyone was. Thanks for making my first ‘pop’ a good experience.
    - Ariel C.
  • This office makes chiropractic feel progressive. Glad for my appointment.
    - Mark D.
  • From the moment I walked in, the care I experienced was so welcoming and informative. Dr Terri has such practiced dexterity, I relaxed into her manipulations, even though this was my first time. What followed was the most peaceful night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time.
    - Jana W.
  • The service is excellent! Love it.
    - Imani G.
  • I felt so much better after my first visit when Dr. Terri did the adjustments on my hip, back and neck. I am happy to be feeling better.
    - Aretha H.
  • I am so happy with the care I have received!
    - Angie G.
  • I love going here and I highly recommend everyone else!
    - Angel M.
  • I think the staff are above and beyond awesome!! My whole experience there was great! I highly recommend going to Asheville Pain and Wellness. Thank you all for your care and compassion.
    - Felina W.
  • Wonderful experience! Thanks so much! Severe back pain practically gone after only my first visit.
    - Jessica C.
  • Very comfortable yet professional environment.
    - Linda B.
  • My experience was phenomenal and I plan on doing more of it!
    - Tommy R.
  • Dr. Terri and her staff are wonderful. This is a no nonsense, helpful chiropractor. I felt like she is a straight shooter who is truly interested in making people feel better. This is my chiropractor from this point forward. I’m so glad I found her.
    - Heather N.
  • Very excellent and professional experience. Staff was great!
    - Steve S.
  • I have enjoyed coming and feeling better each time!
    -Jennifer B.

Great first visit. I look forward to my next adjustment. I am so glad I made the appointment. I had some anxiety about having my neck popped/adjusted but Dr. Terri and her staff put my fears to rest. I feel so much better after my first visit. Thanks!

Jer-Mayne W.

I have always been afraid to see a chiropractor. I was encouraged by a friend to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by results. Definitely left with less pain. I will go for further adjustments. Thank you.

Debra H.

Asheville Pain and Wellness Center Reviews

Highly recommend Dr. Lechner and staff! Helen H.

This was my first experience with chiropractic care. I was a little nervous, but the staff was very welcoming and kind, and I had a great experience. I would absolutely recommend the Pain and Wellness Center, and I’m looking forward to my next appointment!

Metta W.

This has been a wonderful experience to visit and leave feeling so much better in the body, but additionally, the knowledge about my condition & what I can do to help myself improve also. The staff is so welcoming & helpful with any questions I may have. In addition, Dr. Terri is over the top in knowledge for her field and will readily sit and discuss any issues you may have. I am so thankful, she was referred to me.

Brenda B.

Wonderful staff, everyone is so friendly and you feel so at home. Dr. Lechner has relieved so much of my pain in just four visits. The relief was immediate and continues be less and less, after two years of suffering. I no longer have morning headaches, shoulder pain and movement in my neck is so much better.

Helen H.

Dr. Lechner is brilliant, thoughtful and kind. She is a wonderful healer and has helped me in incredible ways. The office space is relaxing and professional and her staff are welcoming and warm. I love it and cannot recommend coming here strongly enough!

Christine S.

All of the staff at Asheville Pain and Wellness are great. After my car accident I got the flyer in the mail and even though I had never had Chiropractic care before they made me feel at ease. I got immediate relief from some pretty excruciating pain. They also gave me a lot of helpful advice.

Jeremy P.

I was in severe pain and Dr. Terri and her staff were wonderfully compassionate. They gave me relief as well as instilling hope that I would heal rapidly. Dr. Terri explained the problem completely which reassured me that I had no long term problems and that I would heal soon. Thanks Y’all

Lafayette P.

I was very impressed by the professional care I received on my first visit. The friend who recommended Dr Lechner told me how nice she was treated by all the staff. I can certainly agree with her. I was especially impressed with the computer imaging of my inflamed spinal areas. My past chiropractor never used this type of up-to-date equipment. At the conclusion of my first visit, the pain in my hip and back was already far less intense than when I arrived. I look forward to my continued treatment and will recommend your clinic to friends.

Julie L.

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