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Asheville Chiropractor Leads You to Health

Asheville Pain and Wellness Center’s Safe, Natural Healing for All

At Asheville Pain and Wellness Center, we believe that a healthier you makes for a healthier planet. That means we strive to help people achieve a pain-free life without the use of medication so our chiropractic patients can be part of that healthier planet!

Asheville Chiropractor Dr. Terri Lechner has patients of all ages and activity levels – including several other local Asheville chiropractors, making Asheville Pain and Wellness Center
the chiropractor’s chiropractor!

“Whether you are seeking chiropractic care for an injury related to
an auto accident, general neck or back pain, or you are simply
looking to achieve optimum health for you and your family,
you’ll find the doctors and staff at our practice are dedicated
to helping you live a life without pain.” -Dr. Terri

Drug Free Care is our Goal

We want to reduce our patients’ dependence on over-the-counter
and prescription medications, because the side effects of the
drugs are detrimental to both you and to our planet! We can help
you achieve a higher quality of life without relying on medication.

We want to help you lead a pain-free, drug-free life.

Call Asheville Pain and Wellness Center today to get started!

Dr. Terri Lechner | (828) 258-2225
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