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Auto Accidents

Have you been in an auto accident?

Auto accident chiropractor in Asheville

A visit to the chiropractor is essential following an auto accident.

Research shows that even low impact accidents at speeds as low as 15 mph can cause bodily injury. If left untreated, these injuries could lead to future problems like headaches, tingling and numbness, muscle weakness, and even disc problems.

Most auto injuries result in soft tissue damage. Often, these injuries don’t show up for days or even weeks after the accident. This is because your body releases chemicals called endorphins and enkephalons at the time of injury. These chemicals are the body’s “natural” pain killers that are very similar to, and even stronger than, morphine. The release of these natural pain killers will mask the symptoms of pain until they are flushed from the body. Once they leave the body, you will begin to feel the pain.

Visiting your chiropractor is essential following an auto accident

Don’t be fooled into thinking, “I went to the emergency room and they said I was okay. They even took x-rays and said I would be fine.” We often hear this from our patients and then a couple of weeks post-accident they show up in the office because of pain. The problem lies in the way emergency room doctors are trained. They are trained to focus on emergency, life-threatening conditions. Most Md’s are not trained to deal with this type of musculoskeletal problem nor is the hospital emergency room equipped for this type of treatment. That is why a visit to the chiropractor is essential following an auto accident.

In most cases you will pay nothing out of your pocket for our services

The vast majority of auto accident cases are handled in our office on assignment basis. That means that in most cases you will pay nothing out of your pocket for our services. We wait to collect our fees directly from the insurance company once you are completely healed and released from care. Our staff will be more than happy to explain in detail what you should expect to pay, if anything, right up front before any care is rendered. All you need to do is bring in your insurance information and we’ll take care of the rest.

Auto accident injuries are treated after a complete and thorough exam (usually including x-rays) is performed. This allows us to identify the exact extent of your injuries and design a treatment plan that is unique to your condition. This is usually followed by a series of gentle spinal adjustments, physical therapy and exercises. Treatment times vary greatly and are adjusted according to your individual progress.

Have you been involved in a car accident?  Call Asheville Pain and Wellness Center today to begin your recovery.

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